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  • BRYAN BRYAN Mar 27, 2013 22:54 Flag

    Where's the last new topic disappeared to!

    I have tried to post on a couple of occasions and they just dissapppear!

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    • I think (maybe!) I know why some posts are deleted. Occasionally, I write messages in a Word doc and then paste them in. The old board used to accept them, but with the new board it is hit and miss. For example, I think my 'tasty' post was a paste in - but it may not have been; I can't remember...
      Anyway, on Wednesday I tried to start a thread about Branko Brnovic as the ideal new Leeds manager, pasting in copy about Neil Warnock look-alike Roy Hodgson and the inability of dinasaur managers to make game-changing substitutions etc. The post appeared and then, shortly afterwards, disappeared...
      Have you guys had posts disappearing and, if so, did it happen after you'd pasted HTML copy?