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  • BRYAN BRYAN Mar 28, 2013 10:04 Flag

    More Investment

    Apparently GFH have sold a 10% stake to IIB for an undisclosed sum (probably about £3M) which will not do us a lot of good as that will only go to paying off some of KB's debts or to the man himself.
    We obviously need serious investment or we will finish in administration again.
    The big question is still, when will GFH and others put seious investment into the squad. At this rate NEVER!!

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    • Bryan, "more investment" is a misnomer; it implies that there has been investment. As every fan knows, neither Bates nor GFH (or GFHC) has 'invested' a penny in the playing side of Leeds. The farrago of lies surrounding the protracted takeover was nothing more than dodgy, offshore horse trading between funny money men. However, if GFBates can attract an investor, one with serious money (enough not to mind GFBates' inflated mark-up), who can be trusted not to shed too much light on Leeds' business dealings, then Leeds fans can begin to believe again in the club returning to glory.

    • The real shame, Bryan, is the fact that your club history and prestigue is being dragged through the mud by these no intereset in football, self esteem tossers. If I was one of you guys I wouldn't set foot in Elland Road---then wait for real action to tempt you back.
      H---these boots are made for-------

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      • Al, you echo the thoughts of many Leeds fans. Attendances have dropped significantly, even from when the club was in L1, and will continue to drop for as long as there is uncertainty about investment in, and ownership of, LUFC.
        Fans attended games when they thought the club had its back to the wall but when they realised that they were marching to a different tune to that of its dubious owners' property development schemes the rot set in.
        It will take a new owner with serious ambition, and a cheque book to match, to restore fans' trust in the management of LUFC after eight years of Ken Bates' malfeasance.