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  • BRYAN BRYAN Apr 13, 2013 15:50 Flag

    Mr McDermott

    I obviously wasn't there, but it sounds like hoofball has been banished, and we were passing the ball around. If anyone went let's hear the verdict.
    I have an open mind on the new manager as I always do in these situations. My biggest concern is the calibre of players that BM will be able to attract. De Matteo would have been my choice, but if this guy can get us playing proper football I'll be reasonably happy. MOT into another new chapter!

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    • Bryan, "reasonably happy" seems meagre praise for a manager who's got Leeds playing football again. McDermott has our existing team playing to their strengths; imagine how a team of his own choosing will play!

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      • Andy, I think my meagre praise was due to a blog I read from a Reading supporter, who although had a lot of praise for McDermott, reckoned he made similar mistakes to Warnock, and although the decision to remove him was harsh, the majority of supporters were not unhappy to see him replaced.
        Having said that, many of the observations made in the blog, are either innaccurate or misguided as in the two matches so far BM has not re-acted in a manner akin to those remarks by the Reading fans.
        Eddie Gray seems full of praise for BM so far and let's hope he can bring in the right players next season.

      • This guy was my choice as he knows the game and club routine very well it seems. I think he will bring the right response from players and staff as he endeavours to make his mark at ER. Shades of the Don and his family comes first attitude. He was quick to see and praise Redders and Nails and brought them both into his inner circle. First principle of Leadership, surround yourself with good people. MOT