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  • Tom Tom Apr 18, 2013 13:37 Flag

    Bloowdy Football

    Commiserations Al. A bottle of JD and a session in the "shed" might help to ease the pain.
    Heres a thought, would you rather watch the Pools winning in L2 or being resigned to the obvious in L1? Time to build mate and push back up with a winning squad. The squad have done well under the new boss, so lets hope for next season. You need a mascot called Lazarus!

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    • Pools to be fair, Tom, have been punching above their weight for a while, terrible season. But---some great young lads if they can hang onto them. Good clear out, get them in from the off, and let the new guy Hughes do his stuff with limited signing opportunities. 3,800 gates this season---it'll be about the same next.
      H---Leeds for promotion next season 8 to1---Pools 5 to1