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  • BRYAN BRYAN Apr 25, 2013 10:10 Flag

    Is Silence Golden Or Annual Sufference.

    You're right of course Al!
    Although only my 3rd choice for manager, he has come out with some promising statements.
    The proof of the pudding will come in the summer when we will see how much GFH will allow him to spend. I have my doubts as to whether we will be able to bring in the quality we will need , but here's hoping, although it is going to seem a long time till next season begins.

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    • There should be a lot to talk about but ATM I'm as underwhelmed about Leeds as I am about the new shirt!

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      • Look on the bright side lads. You don't share a city with tossers who very rarely go and have never been anywhere watching their team but harp on about you forever being in their shadow. Arrogant doesn't do them justice. Wearing a shirt in a pub or club means you're a top fan apparently. They have the cheek to call us bitter blues. They rubbish anyone who challenges them. I'm sorry I have I have plenty of rag mates but I've had my fill this week. I hope you get back up next year Andrew, Brian etc. and the Pool obviously Alan. I don't bother with City boards as they get hijacked by reds and to be fair vice versa. I've got a lot of time for your lot. Good luck next season.