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  • Andrew Andrew Apr 25, 2013 17:59 Flag

    Is Silence Golden Or Annual Sufference.

    There should be a lot to talk about but ATM I'm as underwhelmed about Leeds as I am about the new shirt!

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    • Look on the bright side lads. You don't share a city with tossers who very rarely go and have never been anywhere watching their team but harp on about you forever being in their shadow. Arrogant doesn't do them justice. Wearing a shirt in a pub or club means you're a top fan apparently. They have the cheek to call us bitter blues. They rubbish anyone who challenges them. I'm sorry I have I have plenty of rag mates but I've had my fill this week. I hope you get back up next year Andrew, Brian etc. and the Pool obviously Alan. I don't bother with City boards as they get hijacked by reds and to be fair vice versa. I've got a lot of time for your lot. Good luck next season.

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      • Nice one, Dunster. Didn't realise that the prawns had spread right across the city. Still, you're engulfed in show business where you are, all part of the top clubs scenario I suppose.
        At the other end of the spectrum there's Pools United, who've got the best 4,000 fans in the country. They got a standing ovation the weekend gone for going down, crazy as it seems. The fans know what's going on, limited cash, so can't attract really decent players. But still the show goes on.
        Lads on here are in the sulks at the minute but they'll come storming back. Tom's been sat in the toilet for week because the Cornish pasties are fighting back.. Andy's not happy about the new shirt, but he's ordered one.
        H---We'll get £200,000 for our keeper, Flinders. And struggle to hang onto Luke James and Jack Baldwin.

      • Thanks Dunster, it's always good to hear from you - your comments usually put supporting our various teams in a rational perspective.
        Good luck to you and yours next term... I'd say "give Fergie a bloody nose" but, hey, he could light Santa's slay without any help from City!