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  • Andrew Andrew Apr 26, 2013 20:24 Flag

    Is Silence Golden Or Annual Sufference.

    It's a dirty rotten shame - three great teams in three tiers and every one a loser! It won't always be this way; our day will come - City will do the double over Manure, Pools will bounce back, and Leeds... Hmmm; I'm moderately optimistic about our new manager (I'd be more optimistic if we too could get backing from rich Arabs); but this new shirt with a broad blue stripe down the front is not White. The new shirt seems to indicate the divisions, uncertanity, and lack of identity at Leeds; it's logical progression will see Leeds in the following season playing in shirts with a broad yellow stripe on their backs...
    No, sorry Al, I will not buy this new shirt; I'll get my all white Strongbow shirt out of mothballs and wear it until LUFC and its 'new owners' take Leeds fans seriously.