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  • The Dunster The Dunster May 13, 2013 20:59 Flag

    Good luck next season

    Well it's been a painful week to be a blue. Absolutely gutted about Mancini being axed as are 90 percent of blues. We can handle the cup defeat as Wigan thoroughly deserved it and we didn't turn up. We loved Bobby Manc as we call him at our club. He's made mistakes but which managers haven#$%$ the snakes behind the scenes that have done this. Brian Marwood in particular. It makes you sick when the people upstairs #$%$ about with your club. I don't need to remind you all about that as it has buggered your fine club up for the last five years or so.
    Anyway, good luck to you all next year including Alan and The Pool. It was strange watching Hull the other day as I kept wondering whether easy was biting his nails off. Turns out the Leeds lads helped him out big time. Is he a peacock or a tiger as Andy rightly questions? Come on Easy come clean.

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