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  • I must admit I wasn't sure about my namesake (even though he spells his name wrong), but the more I read the happier I become. The vibes I get are that we are going back to playing football and not hoofball, and all we need now are the players to execute a better style.
    The three signings so far, Poleon proving he may be better than Colin gave him credit for, give me more confidence than any of Colins old men, and all we need now is a decent winger and to get the defence right as that is still looking a bit shaky. I am looking at maybe going to one or two games if funds allow, and will let you know when.

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    • It's looking like he has faith in White in a more attacking role, but yeah a Defender with height and a winger will be good, I think he has the defender lined up but stuttering over the price. M.O.T looking forward to the start it's been a while since i was a season ticket holder.

    • Hi Bryan. It's strange; everything "the other" Brian says and does gives me confidence yet I'm less optimistic this close season than last. I'm not pessimistic but I guess eight years of Bates' lies has made me sceptical. Two or three additional signings (including a Gradel type winger) would restore confidence... An unbeaten run in the new season would also help!

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      • I can understand you being less optimistic this close season as to some extent I am too.
        Last year at the beginning of the season I said that the 2012-13 season was going to be one of the easier ones to escape the championship and we made a hash of it with the help of Master Bates.
        This season will be a lot tougher and we will need the extra signings as the squad is still not well balanced. It will be interesting to see who Big Mac considers so essential to the squad.