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  • Andrew Andrew Jul 24, 2013 16:41 Flag

    White Bull

    Red Bull may "give you wings" but what Leeds needs are wingers - and a few more signings for key positions! If a Red Bull sponsorship deal brings much needed transfer funds to the club then I'd have no problems with the stadium being renamed (it would still be @ Elland Road) and the Red Bull logo would look better on our shirts than Enterprise Insurance's. However, I suspect that the rumour about a megabucks sponsor is just bull' from our microbucks owners.
    Talking about shirts... #$%$ is our new away strip about! Who would buy a beige football shirt! I know we have the Dirty Whites tag but this design is just taking the p...!

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    • As long as they don't rename Leeds Red Bull United, I think it will be good. Away kit as bad as new home mate, tickets selling well for Brighton may even touch 30k with another signing, welcome to the Red Bull arena ;)

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      • 'Haven't bought mine yet, Lotto. I'm waiting on arrangements of relatives visiting from France. As soon as I know it would be good to meet pre-match at Le Peacock, et Bull!

      • I wouldn't have any problems in renaming Elland Road Red Bull whatever as it would still be known and called Elland Road.
        Whereas I fully understand the need to remove Colins cronies from the books, we are in danger of losing out on Big Macs targets( for better or worse), which will no doubt undermine his confidence even more than the shambles at Walsall, which showed that on the field very little has changed. A poor first half at Stevenage proved that in my opinion we could be facing a severe relegation battle, and I am worried sick.
        With regard to the away strip what happened to yellow, blue and white? This new creation is as insipid as most of the team that will wear it!