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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jul 30, 2013 17:22 Flag

    GFH Taking KB Head On!

    Well, well. I think world war 3 has just broken out!
    Not only have GFH sacked our none illustrious president, they have now pulled the plug on Yorkshire radio which KB was attempting to buy.
    There has to be more to it than the executive jet blurb, and I am praying it all comes out in the open, but doubt if it ever will.
    On to more important matters the Brighton match looks as though it needs cancelling till later in the year (lets hope there are flash floods sweeping Noah's ark into ER) for us to have any chance of winning. I have never known Brighton fans so ebullient and they are predicting a top two finish for their club. How nice to be so optimistic when the best we can hope for is a play off place if we're lucky (according to most fans).
    I hate being this pessimistic, but we basically have the same team as last year with the addition of Murphy (Hunt & Smith seem destined for the bench), and with Rudy consigned to the side-lines it's looking pretty grim. This team has been torn apart by half decent teams in pre-season and big Mac must be tearing his hair out.
    Let's hope Prince Abdullah bin Musaad really is buying GFH out (or at least investing millions) so BM can complete the signings he wants in the next week. MOT

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