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    Sheffield Wednesday

    In the absence of Andy's team selection I will go with the same starting line up as we had at Leicester.
    Having watched that match which wasn't a pretty sight, I am concerned where the goals are going to come from. 1-0 is always a good result for me as in the old days Leeds and Liverpool used to gets a lot of those results and do really well in the league. Then we had a great defence and now we have a fairly poor one which has shown it can leak goals on a horribly regular basis, although Big Mac has worked some wonders with the resources we have and I don't expect as many 4-0 drubbings as in the recent past.
    Poleon is showing some good signs, but is maybe not quite ready for a start whilst we are still unbeaten.
    Derbies are always a tight affair and I will not predict a result as I am very poor at that and Paddy Power has had too much of my cash. Enjoy the atmosphere Lotto and I will be shouting at the telly. MOT

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    • Leeds undefeated - but the Wendies get the bragging rights! What a stand off, as opposed to a stand out, game! We need new signings now; not after we have off-loaded players - this can be done later. And if GFHC can't see this, they can expect their love-in with fans to end soon!

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      • Another dire performance for me, and Big Macs lack of praise of the team (apart from McCormacks goal)says it all.
        I agree with you Andy, sign the players he wants now and offload later before it is too late. Without shoring up the defence and finding some pacey wingers who can cross the ball properly we are going nowhere. We can not score goals unless the service is there, and at the moment it aint!