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  • Alan H Alan H Oct 28, 2013 14:05 Flag

    Okay, Andy

    Let's have it then. What's occuring with your season so far, are you guys hopeful or heads down---long way to go yet. And what's that old fox Bates up to.

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    • Hi Al, for Leeds the season is not going well -seven losses in ten games! Our "new" owners have a three year plan to return us to the Prem FFS! In three years time Leeds will have lost its support base. My suspicion is that the new owners are just a front for Bates - everything is offshore and opaque. Three years is when the club will no longer have to pay its creditors from the administration after /if it returns to the Prem.
      How are thing with 'Poole?

    • Looks like it's me and you on here for the duration, Andy. When I say only Yeovil, mate, I meant they are bottom and have scored a mere 9 goals in 14 games---they're heading back to play us again. You guys are lying (handy, Andy.)
      Pools have been in total freefall until a few weeks back and most of us could see non league looming. But now they've started fighting back so it's fingers crossed..
      And Roy's wallpapering skills are shyte.

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      • Yahoo have made it so difficult to access this board that it doesn't surprise me that there are so few posters. I see that Lotto has cut through the Yahoo crepe to post again (high five, Lotto!) but I am concerned that Bryan has stopped posting - I hope he is okay.
        As much as Yahoo may want to close this board, as long as a few of us keep posting it will continue. How about sending the URL for this page to former posters?