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  • BRYAN BRYAN Nov 14, 2013 22:34 Flag

    Back Again!

    I think I may have cracked it this time but who knows!
    I'm still here guy's!!
    We can't complain about the last two results, but I am concerned about young Byram. Obviously not right and maybe he has been pushed too far too soon and may have to have another long spell out, and I felt sorry for Mowatt missing out for England as that would have been a big boost for the lad. I am really pleased the young lads are sticking with us as well instead of joining Norwich.
    I am very perplexed with Mr Noodles. Where is all his money coming from all of a sudden? Is he a Bahraini sheik in disguise? Has he been borrowing from Master Bates? Let's hope he can splash a little cash in January when it could make all the difference.
    Big Mac is doing very well with what he has at his disposal and I warm more and more to him each week. Let's hope this is the beginning of a great run to the end of the season. MOT!

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