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  • What a nightmare day!
    GFH have shown their true colours and although Cellini may have agreed terms with how the hell can he pass the FL's fit and proper ruling. He couldn't when he tried to buy Palace and if he thinks forming a family company without his name on the sheet will pull the wool over the FL's eyes he should be very wrong. However, with Shaun Harvey in charge there who the hell knows!
    To have the audacity to sack Big Mac (whether you are a fan of his or not), when you do not yet officially own the club is a mystery to me, but GFH must have given him the go ahead, which for me puts them in the NOT fit and proper category.
    Under the circumstances the team did everyone proud and whether that form can be sustained remains to be seen. In the meantime we are a laughing stock once again, and I for one am not happy!

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    • Just shows how loyal or over loyal fans can be, Bryan. You say the gates are up despite what you guys are having to go through.

    • It seems to me that GFH bought the Bates franchise and handbook on how to run a football club - rule one, don't invest! We forget too easily that what Leeds fans wanted was quality players coming in before the transfer window shut. Like in any sleight of hand trick our attention has been diverted - hey presto, no new players come in and we're not even discussing it! Instead, we are defending a manager who, under normal circumstances in a results driven profession, would have expected to get the sack after his team's historically abysmal performance.
      GFH is playing corporate mind games - and probably still covering Bates' dark dealings. There are multi billionaires looking to buy English football clubs and it beggars belief that none have even considered buying the sleeping giant that is Leeds United. I suspect the reason is that if a strong potential owner appeared, one rich and honest enough not be bribed into silence about past dealings, he, or she, would be shunned by our present management.

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      • You could be right Andy, but I am beginning to think there is more to this saga than meets the eye.
        We are now between the devil and the deep blue sea. Cellini looks like he will pass the fit and proper test, and there is no doubt he has the money to invest. The mixed consortium are more palatable, but where will the investment come from? And where has all the money gone yet again?
        According to reports we are losing money hand over fist, and yet gates are up, sponsorship is up, and the bankers are losing money? Someone must be paying themselves fortunes or else the interest on loans must be the highest in the world. Looks like we are being dredged before the Somerset levels!