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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 7, 2010 21:41 Flag

    Snow stories

    I don't know....
    A bit of frozen snow on top of thick ice and temperatures down to minus 12 and what happens?
    They call the flaming footy off, that's what happens.
    Back in the day the game would still go on. Orange ball, red paint for the touchlines and the defences digging in with snow ploughs.
    Fans would clear the pitch in exchange for a hot bovril or a match ticket.
    The bovril always ran out first and the unlucky ones had to watch the game.
    Back in the day when a frozen pitch meant nothing to players.
    Mind you though, it also happens to be one of my fondest memories as a Bluenose, winning 6-2 at Filbert Street. Rock-hard grass and Kenny Burns scoring four to win a TR7 off a local businessman who promised the car to any Blues player to hit the sixth goal in a game that season.
    Got any 'snow stories' ?

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    • Yeah, all true. And don't forget the pitches covered in straw until hours before the whistle, it used to work. Used to watch them clearing the pitch on our 14" telly with a magnifier in front of it. The magnifier came in handy when you went for a piss.