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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Mar 31, 2010 17:56 Flag

    Dodgy---Very Dodgy

    Just unlucky, as CT would say. Hovering just above the drop zone does look a bit dodgy for Pools at the mo but you still have a good team and you'd have to be really unlucky to go down.

    • What do we have here guys? Hartlepool have alot less chance of going down than Hull City have of dropping out of the Premiership! The time to roll over and die is when yer dead! We have Leeds trying very hard NOT to keep the Automatic Promotion spot, despite the efforts of SG. Then we have Hull City down but NOT out! Now Alan is casting the spell on Pools! If I was a betting man, which I am NOT, thank goodness, I would take out a treble or whatever you call it as follows: Hull stay up, Leeds go Up, Hartlepool STAY UP! Alles Paletti, oder?