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  • Alan H Alan H Nov 27, 2011 12:45 Flag

    Wadsworth's Got To Go

    Well I unfortunately was there for the Yeovil disaster and any respect for Wadsworth's from me has gone. That's the 5th time at home I've been there and he is bereft of any tactical knowledge. Pools have one up front, a dwarf. They push the ball around for the full 90 and never look dangerous. Absolute shite ( German )

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    • Swop? You couldn`t give KB away if you wrapped him in five pounds note/ tenners!

    • Hodcroft and IOR are doing a fantastic job in keeping Pools afloat, no doubt about it and all Hartlepool people know it. The club are punching above their weight really but nevertheless something had to be done. I've said before, if you get beat at home but at least have a go and change the formation around a bit, then fair enough. It was like watching paint dry.

    • Five weeks ago, Pools were on an unbeaten run! What happened?
      Do you reckon First-team coach Micky Barron will fair better than Wadsworth? Wasn't Wadsworth promoted from the same job?
      Club losses of £1.4m cannot help. Can Leeds swap our Ken (Bates) for yours (Hodcroft)?

    • Don`t they better late than never, Andy! Or is it Eine ende mit kein schmerzen?

    • Pools performance baffles boss! Appears he wasn`t the only one Alan! Verdammt Schiese!

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      • Al, I spotted this post (below) on another board. Is it accurate? What is your analysis of Wadsworth? Many seem to say he plays kick and rush tactics, is this true?

        Simple things
        With Pools playing a recognisable 4-4-2 formation with everyone in their correct positions it wasn't surprising to see a much more solid performance. Everyone knew their roles and the team played much better as a result.

        Neil Mellor
        It was always going to be him, wasn't it? The star of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps again proved to be a menace to Pools' defence with another top performance and a cracking goal. Next time can we just kick him to bits?

        Wadsworth isn't going anywhere
        Although the message boards have been full of lazy calls to sack the manager, it's hard to criticise a manager who picked the correct team, played the right way and did virtually everything right, well except...

        Boyd going off
        Sure, he'd done virtually nothing in the second half but surely he was worth leaving on the field. We were going all out for a goal, why take a striker off?

        Wright again
        Another top performance from the big centre-back, against one of the better strikers in the league. It's hard to see him being dropped any time soon.

        Again another game comes and goes where an injection of pace and young enthusiasm could have changed the game, instead we got Ritchie Humphreys coming on and doing not very much.

        Helping hand
        Preston defender David McCombe's handball must have been one of the clearest penalties ever seen at Victoria Park yet somehow all three officials missed it. A goal there would have changed the game.

        Crowd trouble
        Probably the most worrying thing about the game was how the attendance crashed to less than 4,000 home supporters. This must surely raise issues about the viability of the season ticket scheme. Uncle Ken will surely be having word's at the upcoming AGM.

        Time to regroup
        Although I'd much rather we were in action on Saturday, a free weekend gives Mick Wadsworth the perfect chance to regroup and hopefully get a couple of injured players back in first team contention.

        Brentford get the Christmas spirit
        The Bees have announced tickets for the game at Griffin Park will be reduced to £10 for seats and £5 for standing, with kids tickets only £1 each. A great gesture and perhaps one Pools could reciprocate when the Bees head north later this season.