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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 3, 2012 19:02 Flag

    Next season

    Al, thanks for your reply on the Leeds board.
    By making the message boards hard to find, Yahoo (a company in trouble) is probably implementing a cost-cutting policy and planning a staged withdrawl from this service - the boards don't generate advertising clicks. If so, it is a stupid policy as visitors will stay away from Yahoo all together, it will lose clicks and, therefore, advertising revenue. But then, as we have all experienced, Yahoo is not the smartest of companies, which is why it is losing out to its competitors and is in trouble...
    Anyway, rant over, it would be good to hear more about your trip to the USA, before the boards disappear!

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    • Al, just testing whether this message gets to the Pool's board. I found this thread from over a month ago by searching the general message boards page. I could not find a message board tab anywhere on the Pools board - or even any news about the club.