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    Euros reduced too cheering for communist China


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    • Any true sports fan should be cheering for the Chinese athletes, just as much as they should be cheering for any of the competitors. The Spirit of the olympics is about sportsmanship and respect, - not who wins in each individual event or even overall, but how well they performed whilst competing. If I watch an Olympic event (any event), I want the best to win, irrespective of where they come from. If the entrant from my own country doesn't win a medal, guess what.... I don't care, they were beaten by someone better. It's about being there and taking part.

      And Tx C, if you haven't figured that out yet, then that's the saddest thing of all.

    • Common people, like you and me, assume that

      Democracy is good.
      Communism is bad.

      Strange world.
      Bias? I don't know.

      Sometimes I even regard politics, let it Democracy or Communism, are completely unnecessary. People can live happily with it.

      What say you? :D

    • coach.bucky
      u r a perfect example for those who get your ideas and views on China from the western medias. (so called research)

      if you have never been to China or never lived there or never had Chinese friends, how could u make all those comments about China? Do a survey on 1.3 billion Chinese then speak..

      I do agree Chinese government have loads of work to do in order to really create a “harmonious society” as they promised.

      However managing the most populous, geography 4th largest, 13 spoken languages, 6 religions is not an easy job.

      Considering the transformation in the last 30 years and more than 400 million lifted people out of poverty (UN measurement $1per person per day). I think Chinese government is doing a great job, at least they do not send their own people to war.

      The people who are protesting all the time, don’t they have to work? Or they are on benefits?

      P.S no one has been badly treated if they did not win any metal in China. maybe it happened in your dream only!

    • Here Mark W I did the research for you (from the AP)

      Some 77 applications were lodged to hold protests, none went ahead. Rights groups say the zones were just a way for the Chinese government to put on an appearance of complying with international standards. A handful who sought a permit to demonstrate was taken away by security officials, rights groups said.

      Earlier this week, two elderly Chinese women — Wu Dianyuan, 79, and her neighbor Wang Xiuying, 77 — who applied to protest were told they would be sent to a labor camp for a year. They were still at home Thursday under the surveillance of a government-sanctioned neighborhood watch group, Wang's son Li Xuehui said.

      Li said no cause was given for the order to imprison the pair. Activists said the order was an intimidation tactic.

      I didn't write this btw ... you can tell by the correct spelling and grammar lol

    • Why use the word 'reduced'? As if it's something to be ashamed of!

      It just illustrates that Europeans are far more open-minded and unbiased, compared to the insular and prejudiced americans.

      Check out the BBC Newsnight poll. The up and coming younger generation in Europe do not see China as a threat, rather they are seen as 'friends'. Compare that to the Americans, it's the complete opposite!

    • no we are not cheering for communist China...

      my Sweden friends cheer for Sweden
      my British friends cheer for the British athletes
      my Norwegian friends cheer for the Norwegians in the Olympics, but non of them have ever cheered for China.

      I must, however, say I cheer for every non usa country in the world, when its the sprinting running. 100 meters 200 meters and so on, and the reason is that the Americans always win that.

      on another note, it does not matter what political leadership any contry have in the Olympics. The idere is that all of us get together this time in peaceful competition. In the Olympics the only thing that matters is the sportsmanship, not where you live.

    • Yes, perhaps the UK will combine with China in the Olympics like they had to in the Ryder Cup.... to be able to compete.

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      • I think it would be easier to combine Europe than include China in our medal tally. I'm sure that would give the us more than enough medals to put us top of the table ;-)

        Can you believe those Europeans? Let's hope they don't want to play baseball and join the 'world series'. That could jeopardise a US teams chances of winning.

        I find it hard to believe that the US is still worried about communism though - Europeans are more concerned about the American far right.

        Perhaps the IOC could introduce a chilli eating contest or horseshoe throwing for 2012. Come on guys lighten up Britain is a nation of #$%$ takers.

      • It hurts don't it bucky, 3 defeats in a row and only 3 wins out of the last 11. The poor old European tour pins the US