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  • bollocks leek town started it!!! ha!! as if

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    • Yes, little Leek Town! You may knock the idea, but if you went to their matches at that time you'd know of the sing-songs in the bar after the matches, of which Delilah was one of the songs.

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      • To be fair, to the leek supporter that CLAIMS Delilah came from them, his argument being... ''in the pub we used to sing songs, Delilah was one of them''

        haha, I think you'll find that song is sung up and down the country in pubs every bloody weekend by pissed up youths, everybody knows that, some even having no idea that its used by stoke city fans, Its just one of them songs, and we adopted it. I believe It was started by TJ, one of our old guard fans a long time ago in the Vic after a game, thats what I heard, then it caught on. A Meir coincidence that you sang it once or twice with yer pals, back in tha day once you'd had a few scoops.
        Not avin ago, but come on now.
        There's my pennys worth!
        Come on the potters!