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  • What an arrogant f**ker you are. We can turn over Arsenal so we can turn over anyone. Perhaps it's time you reviewed whether your team of nancy boys would be better suited to the Italian or Spanish Leagues.

    Stoke have come to chew gum and kick ass in the Premiership.

    And we are all out of chewing gum.

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    • if you dont like stokes style of play then its tough s**t . theres a simple solution . dont bring yer best players. this will work out best for both teams. we get three points and you go away with no injuries to yer best players lol . we deserve to be here we play our way wether it be terrible on the eyes of non stoke supporters we dont care
      we aint got the money to buy players like ronaldo gerrard rooney etc players who cost a fortune cause they are the best in the business. we will build our team in time maybe in 2 years of being in the prem will attract a few decent players . think we should sign del piero hahahaha or wait until ronaldo is 35 then get him in

      come on stoke.