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  • To all fans. Stoke City FC must be the real heroes of the premiership,for a team with no multi million pound star players in their first season to finish near the half way position is a remarkable achievement. In the process giving a scare to some of the top teams.Tony Pullis should now be given the money to bring in some top class player to be even better next season.

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    • forgive me for my ignorance (typical US sports fan), but why is Stoke viewed by the rest of the Premier League fans as bush league - with their style of play constantly being criticized. I guess winning "ugly" is too much frowned upon to actually receive any credit.

    • As a hard core Stoke City fan living in Windsor, you are absolutely right. Tony has done a remarkable job in the first season in the premiership, i'm sure his shrewd buying will bring in some more quality players for next season and lets hope they can push for a Europa league place next year. Come on Stoke !!