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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 25, 2005 02:41 Flag

    Welcome to the new Message Boards

    Welcome to the new Yahoo! Message Boards. We have included several new features which we hope Makes the boards easier and more enjoyable for you to use:

    Find Discussions on Any Topic
    Yahoo! makes it easy for you to find boards and discussion threads on the subjects that interest you. Browse through our directory to find boards by topic, or use our enhanced keyword search to quickly find boards or messages.

    Control the Content You See
    Use the new Ratings Filter to view only the messages that meet your standards. Use the Profanity Filter to filter out bad language. Use the Ignore Filter to hide users you don't want to see (and all their message posts). Try it out...

    Rate Message Posts
    Our 5-star rating system makes it easy to review the quality of every response you read. Ratings help everyone in the community tune in to the best posts. (Note: You must be signed in with your Yahoo! ID to participate in ratings.)

    Create a Discussion Thread
    Start your own discussions by creating new threads. A thread consists of a starting post, and all the responses that follow. You can create new threads within any board.

    Follow Threads Your Way
    Now with four easy ways to view and track discussions you care about. You can view messages quickly as lists (sorted chronologically) or as threads (sorted by topic). In a hurry? Scan subject headers. Got more time? Read complete message posts.

    If you need more information on the features and how they work, don't forget the help pages.