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  • TY TY Oct 25, 2008 07:24 Flag

    new QPR manager??

    dowie gets sacked........................and now for another yes man application.

    Calling all managers or 1st team coaches,
    we are looking to fill our vacancy with minimum fuss and maximum results,no experience necessary as the job will not require you to do anything but say yes, win games, get promoted and oh yes... do as you are told.
    If you feel you have the right credentials for the job,please apply in writing to:
    Successful applicant should also know that failure is not an option,just ask dowie.
    The right candidate will find a generous package in waiting, which will include a weekly wage, bosses who will all listen and back you confidently(until things go wrong),a squad of players(mostly non-league) to choose from,all incased in a stadium thats situated in a residential area.

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    • Well, He could help move up the table or down the table. It is dowm to home tell the chairmen who he feels should play as he knows best as he watches them play in games and at the end of the day he should be the one making the decisions not all the rich chairmen as they dont the difference between real fans and those who come to rangers just because of the money involved. Football at the end of the day is about fans, players and winning or loosing not about ripping people off with money. For example my Dad has been going since he was 5 years old and if season ticket prices stay bthe same as this year then me,my dad,brother and grandad can not afford to come any more!!! My grandad is an old man so we pay for his season ticket and so instead of ripping of the real fans lets think of supporters and winning something for once!!!!
      Come on U'RRRRRRS

    • Dowie sacked- one draw away to the highest scorers in the league and one win against a team who were top after his departure! He should never have been appointed anyway he's such a negative manager!