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    What the Hell's Wrong With your Club?

    Im a Man Utd supporter,..but in the 70's when i could'nt always see my club had some friend's that supported Rangers,so i went a few times with them and they became like a second club to me, watching players like Rod,Marsh,Stan Bowles,Gerry Francis,Don Given's,Morgan Bros, Dave Clement...and so on and you were good to watch.But now you have these money people and they are really not doing much to get you promotion...ie they could have got player's like Jamaine Pennant,Frasier Cambell and a lot more that escape me at the moment..,Man c are trying to of load Dunne for example good centre half......there were a lot of top players in the Jan window last year you could have got for that final push for promotion...but didn't...and bagged what 40m, I know you say a lot of players wouldn't have dropped a division,but they might if they saw the infrastructure in place for promotion and your financial backing...I'm really surprised at your board, you could have been in the Prem by now i know ,nothings a certainty but at least to have a real go and you have that financial backing to stay there,your board should hold their head in shame...proberly using that excuse wer'e not ready yet...the ground size and all..well stay a champinship side if they adopt that attitude....mabey i'm wrong but that's how i see it, at least you got one of our right backs on loan..but good luck this year and hope they see seance..

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    • Hear i go again the money QPR hav e wasted on second rate managers.we could have put together a team that could go for top spot but now we find ourselves in yet anouther relegation fight.
      Lets get a good english manager how has been round the block a few times.

    • Its simple in the 70's we were worth watching hom or away,
      but now we are not worth the price of the program

    • typical armchair supporter, think logically, with gates of 13000, if they threw money we could end up like blackburn stick to 5 live with alan green or maybe go to dfds & get yourself a new armchair

    • I take your point ,one problem I have is that I have seen a lot of clubs over the years spend a furtune to gain promotion or make a challange in the premership and fail .I sort of understand the need for patients .Build a good squad,who are not just interested in money ,but have the desire to see QPR do well and have real passion.QPR have a lot of players that want success .If you build on this ,like they did in the 70s they will get into the premership.I believe that Rangers have been doing this bit by bit and weeding out the rubbish.
      In my opinion this may well be the year that Rangers will gain promotion ,once they have then you will see that money being spent.comeonyourrrrrrs

    • your questions are exactly what Rangers fans have been asking for a long time on our message boards.Wer'e all hoping that all of a sudden something massive will be announced and the club will be transformed into a top prem club.Still hoping,hoping,.......hoping...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

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      • Iv been waiting 60 years we have had some great times we have had some real bad times but we have been on the brink for to long i dont think we have got the team to take us to the top flight .
        im sure we can stay in the championship but thats about it.and that is just not good enough So come on Flavio show us the money