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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 30, 2009 05:12 Flag

    What the Hell's Wrong With your Club?

    I take your point ,one problem I have is that I have seen a lot of clubs over the years spend a furtune to gain promotion or make a challange in the premership and fail .I sort of understand the need for patients .Build a good squad,who are not just interested in money ,but have the desire to see QPR do well and have real passion.QPR have a lot of players that want success .If you build on this ,like they did in the 70s they will get into the premership.I believe that Rangers have been doing this bit by bit and weeding out the rubbish.
    In my opinion this may well be the year that Rangers will gain promotion ,once they have then you will see that money being spent.comeonyourrrrrrs

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    • Good...point...hope your right...would like to see Ranger's back there.....but not just as whipping boy's as W.brom,and Wolves have been,hell you alway's had the upper hand over Burnley...when i went the odd time...and look where they are.....think.... You should be there!....good luck this year....!