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  • B4ts B4ts Jul 24, 2008 02:16 Flag

    End of Season - Where will HCFC end up?

    Sorry John, it is not said out of disrespect or wishful thinking ! As has been proven so many times now, the gulf between the championship and the top flight is huge AND getting bigger. Blood, guts and 100 % effort is actually not enough to survive. If it were Leeds who had got promoted, without some serious money being spent, they would not survive either.

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    • I know Bats! Like you said, you are just being "Brutaly Honest", and as distasteful and hard to digest as honesty is, its alot better than carrying around alot of illusions! yes the gap is BIG, and it is getting bigger! So much so that the idea of maybe a European Super League is NOT so far fetched! You are right, B & G and an 100% effort are NOT enough to survive! You need Attitude, lots of it! If you go out thinking your are beaten, then your beaten before you touch the ball!
      Back in the eighties I had the fortunate experience to watch a team, picked from a unit of less than 100 men enter a competition designed basically for large units 800/1000 men win a Trophy that had not been won by such a minor unit in the 40 years of its then existence and would never be won again by such a unit , and I actually worked in the same Office as the Team Manager! It was apart from other things down to their ATTITUDE! Oh and on the side they took the Minor Units Cup, The League Championship for The Wed & Sat Leagues plus a few other miscellaneous things on the way!