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  • Easyrider2609 Easyrider2609 Aug 11, 2008 20:40 Flag

    Hull can excel in EPL

    Hey Bats! Jealous? YOU? Na! Pal! No Way! A Twinge envious maybe! Course they earned the right to be there! BUT now they have to earn the right to stay there! That bats as you so rightly said is going to be a wee bit difficult! Hull is my Home Town, and all my life I have seen them play in the old 2nd Div and truth said I never ever expected them to be anywhere else! They hit "Rock Bottom" a few years back after a series of "Hard Knocks", Taylor got em back into the Championship, then left em for Greener Pastures, Crystal Palace I think? Anyway it looked like they where back where they belong and would have to fight to stay there! Two Seasons ago they and Leeds where both at the bottom of the Championship! My Heart was torn! Home Town against the Club I have followed for forty years!
    Mr Wise made the decision for me! The FA/FL did the rest bless their Cotton Socks! (And The Twisted Panties of the Rest of the Club Managers)! Nobody was hoping as much as I was that Leeds would win the playoffs, but it was not to be! (Would rather have a no disputing promotion as Champions anyway)!
    Part of me would like it to be Leeds back in the EPL this time round, while part of me says c`mon Tigers J`ve Ern`T it, so go and DO IT! Maybe they should adopt Mannerings phrase as a byword for the fight to come"THEY DON`T LIKE IT UP EM!"
    Fantasy is alright Bats, in Film, but NOT in Football!