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  • Lester Lester Sep 28, 2008 15:49 Flag

    Did you hear anyone scream ?

    Well done indeed. Kin' ell, just looked at the table and even if we (Man Utd) win our game you would still be level on points. I'd bet you'd have taken that after 6 games!. The other two arrivals havent done too bad either though, and of course for any of you to survive your going to have to get rid of Newcastle, Wigan, Bolton or Fulham.
    Anyhow, other than to revel in your fantastic win at one of the hardest places in the country, something we have yet to achieve!, I just wondered if any of you were at the match yesterday and heard someone screaming in the Arsenal seats.
    There was a woman (surely) at Highbury who used to scream like something out of a hammer horror film whenever Arsenal we're in grave danger of conceding.
    If she is still at it she must have been audible yesterday. Can she still be heard in the new stadium ?. heard someone being murdered in the home seats ?.