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  • George George Aug 7, 2009 18:14 Flag

    Sunderland a bigger club

    I will wait to the end of the season to see how Sunderland get on, I have seen and hurd all this before, same chairman who Keen was under big money spent and nothing.
    We want PASSION not money, it helps but do the big money players give good value for money, its just money without passion I would say we shall see I have to work with a few Sunderland supporters, and they are all over me like a rash.
    I tell them the Mighty Dull will finish above them at the end of the season.
    I must be mad taking that bet, but born in Hull been watching since 1959 am just happy to be in it as you must to win it WHO KNOWS also bet Hull away firest game as we where unbeaten in London last season.