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  • George George Sep 21, 2009 11:52 Flag

    Shaping up for a long hard struggle.

    He said: "Unrealistic expectations inevitably lead to disappointment and afford mischief-makers the perfect opportunity to spin their conspiracy theories and fantasies
    This is what Duffen is saying, I have to say I think its all over, and better to be winning in the >Championship then what we have now.
    Brown had all the time in the world to get it half right, he just can not see it we need goals so he gets a 19 year old American untested an old man no one wanted, and a nobody, then sells Turner and gets a missfit from Stoke.
    He thinks Bullard is going to save him. I dont think so.
    I will watch them in the Championship next season.
    I give up

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    • Is it unrealistic to expect you nteam to win? If so then we are being unrealistic! is it unrealistic to expect that you have a Manager that keeps his best players? Then we are being unrealistic? If they are worried about conspiricies and mischief makers then they should STOP doing the things that give cause for such things, OR?