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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Feb 23, 2011 23:41 Flag

    Hull's ambition

    From a shaky start, the Tigers are putting a good run together. They have invested in the right players at the right time, are now reaping the rewards, and deserve a top six place; unlike Leeds.
    Cynically, I can only see Leeds wanting to finish in the top six to satisfy Bates' greed, as it will provide extra revenue from TV coverage of the play-offs.
    Ironically, Hull's ambition and improved form could help Leeds by taking points from other contenders in their next games against Cardiff, Notts Forest, Burnley, Coventry, Millwall, Watford, and Swansea... Bates will be laughing all the way to his off-shore bank, knowing that he can keep his wallet closed because Hull's investment is helping him realise his five-year plan.
    Come on Hull City!

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