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  • Tigers v Lions should be an interesting match. Millwall has a poor away record so this could be another scalp/mane for Hull.
    And, boo hoo, Leeds is behind you!

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    • Easy for me Southampton, will fade 2nd part of the season, they don't have the cover to last the full lenth, but will see.
      Had big Typhon here in the Philippines many killed, in the South nothing in Manila where I am thank god
      Merry Christmas to all Hull City message board writers

    • FFS, guys, this board is silent enough! If its two main posters stop saying anything, for fear of a ridiculous superstition, it will cease to exists. It is a truism, for sure, but football boards are all about fans discussing football. Any game can be won, drawn, or lost but, come on, Hull was odds on to beat Millwall so why not talk about it? If you do not want to discuss your hopes, fears, and thoughts about your club, pretty soon you will run out of other topics.