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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 28, 2012 17:13 Flag

    If You're READING This

    I chose this old thread to make a new comment because its title, "if you're reading this", says everything about the state of the Yahoo! footy boards at present - no one is reading because Yahoo! has hidden its message boards and looks set to abandon them completely.
    Okay, because the Hull board, like many others, was never busy (it maybe had a maximum of ten posters), Yahoo! might reckon 'click' ratings won't attract advertising and, therefore, is financially unsuportable.
    This 'reckoning' is misguided. For every fan of a club that has the balls make their opinions public, there are hundreds who read without making comment. There is also the factor that, if Yahoo! does not engage its customers with content, it will lose customers to its rivals...
    Rant over!
    Easy, Colin, George, Alan, et al, what are your predictions for Hull next term?

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