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  • Easyrider2609 Easyrider2609 Feb 10, 2013 11:00 Flag

    Missed Chances And Other Animals

    Bruce Rues Missed Chances! I, me, personally am getting just a Teeny weeny bit pe-ded off with this Headline! What is it with the Tigers? They have Owners who are prepared to splash out, unlike some Clubs, sorry Andy, they have a Manager/Trainer who seems to know what he is doing, unlike some, sorry again Andy, plus they have a Team that Plays well together, that Plays well at home and away, sorry again! So what is it? If someone out there knows, I do wish they woluld tell me, over to you Andy! Is it the, we don`t really believe it gen or what? We have three home games coming up, so, what? Leicester dropped Points, the ideal time to push past them, no we drop Points, pathetic! No I do not expect miricles, no I just expect more concentration and less consternation, OK! Yes you had Players out, is that an excuse or a malady? If you want to Play in the Premiership you have to Play well without top Players, hold the line so to speak! Come May, what will be the excuses doing the rounds? Somebody enlighten me please! No I am not going to do an Analysis of missed chances, it is not my style, probably could`t if I tried, but I do get this creepy Feeling that I can tell the scoreline Prior to the game, simply by the importance of the game! That is getting up my Nose! Literally!

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