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    I have hear of Freaky Friday, but Freaky Saturday? Lessons MUST be learnt from this or the Automatic Prom is finished!

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    • Here I am replying to my OWN Post! After the Brief post I made on Saturday after the shock of seeing the scoreline I have had time to think and come to some conclusions, ALL of them BAD!
      I have seen gameswhere ta team scores in the first minutes of a game. Todate I cannot think of a game where a team scores twice in the first minutes of the game! Most definately I cannot ever remember a game where a team scored three times in the first minutes of a game! It worried me so much that I was still thinking about it at four o`clock this morning! The only conclusion I can come to, and one that enabled me to get some sleep, is: The Tigers Players where all mentally still in the Dressing room when all this was Happening! Impossible, no, obviously not because we have just seen it happen. From kick off, how Long does it take a Player to reach the opponents Goal and score? Then get the ball back to the centre spot, regain possesion and leg it for the opponents goal to score again? Not enough, lets repeat the last just for fun! All this took less than eight minutes! Brucie Boy you have got some serious talking to do! The WHOLE Team, including the goalie MUST have been daydreaming, high on rarified air or something! Five minutes before Kick Off we where in an Automatic Promotion spot and three Points ahead of Watford, ten minutes after kick off we where in third place and behind Watford on goal average! GENTLEMEN, T H I S is NOT good enough! For starters you should send your days wages to Dr Bernardo`s or some such charity, because you did NOT earn it! Or send it to me, to pay for my sleepless night! GET A BL___DING GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can't find me on the Pools board either---anyway, do you guys know how far it is to Accrington Stanley. Just trying to sort out next season.