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    Is the ref with leeds?

    I was at the match on saturday and the ref was rubbish. for example, we had the ball and a leeds player smashed into our player. the next thing the ref giving a free kick to leeds. and i thought, from where i was sitting., that the penalty should have been a free kick. what are your thoughts?

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    • I think these things balance out over a season, a penalty is always an unsatisfactory way to win or lose a game (ask Man U, maybe don't bother ! ) I think we(Leeds) got lucky in the second half and nicked two points. What I did not care for was Aidy Boothroyd spouting off. It shows a lack of respect and sour grapes that cannot change the result, so why belittle himself ? I can only imagine that he has no affection for the club he used to work for. Anyway, Coventry are rightfully riding high and despite his lapse, Aidy has generally always done a decent job. Good luck.