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    Most white people, in Britain, are either racist or stereotypical about something that is not part of their culture. If we can remember, minorities (of race or RELIGION) always had a hard time co-existing with white people because they (white people) did not want to integrate. This happen in Britian, the States, France, etc.

    Now, history agrees that is RACISM because God created us equal and does not favor anyone particularly except those who do good. We can agree with that and we have to be politically correct or just be humane.

    So when you say"...us, English people...", you really mean white people because you make up the majority of it and still, to this day, you can't deal with other minorites including blacks and asians from india and pakistan. So obivously, you are being racist because IT IS IN YOUR NATURE. It's white people being white.

    Plus, I am a Muslim and I am American living in London. The only thing people really are racist about in the States is financial status. If you are poor, nobody cares. Here, it's like calling someone a racial slur is a mental mistake or it's an opinion. It's f*****g racism, deal with it.

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    • I am not disjointed with reality because everything comes from experience.

    • Did I say "I hate Jews"? I just said they run the US. Does that mean I hate them?

    • is this board about the london bombings?

      since you mention about racism though... i find it a concern that pictures of these bombers have been released. the pictures are not terribly clear or helpful and i do worry that they will encourage racism and vigilante style attacks. i am a fairly well balanced guy but still feel myself thinking bad thoughts about these small time scum-bags coming here and bombing on 'my' turf. so i dread to think what some tattooed white power activist up in the midlands or somewhere is thinking right now, with asians for neighbours many of whom look rather like the guys in those pictures...

      i also find it considerably worrying that an asian looking man with a backpack was shot dead today (5 times at close range?) by our known trigger happy armed police. the same division that have shot men dead after mistaking guns for wooden chair legs. frustrated action men most of them

      personally i wish the government would stamp down on the media more here, and give them strict instructions on exactly how far they can go with it. i've felt that from the start. shortly after the first bombings happened i was already fatigued with the media barrage. after the essential news has been published it needs to stop there, or else it just encourages fear and hate which is exactly what terrorists want to promote

      i've been a strong believer in limited media control for a long time, unfortunately it doesnt seem to be a very popular topic as people tend to get on their high horses talking about freedom being assocated with a free press etc

      best wishes. but try not to get too excited with that racism chatter bcause you cant generalise like that. various levels of intellect exist within all races and cultures

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      • First, thank you for a very professional reply. My post was influenced by many white British males post messages that contain of some the following:
        1. Hatred towards Muslims.
        2. Immigration Control
        3. Regrets about Immigration

        And at the end of it, they say "defend Britian". Who would you think they talking to? I just wanted to say what I believe and obviously somebody is going to either act like a good-doer or admit what I say is true. It's very unpleasant.

    • Sorry, but I think you have confused the word 'English' with 'British'. You may be British but you'll just never be English. Besides, integration should be something mutual. It's not fair to blame one side alone.

    • Is it white people bombing england??????
      no you idiot!
      go back to america!

    • I also agree to some of what you say, I have freinds of all races but I'm not racist, there are people that are white that I hate more than anyone. With your attitude to sleeping with peoples wife/daughter/mother is not going to help the racial situation. I try to stick up for all and I often get slagged down for doing this so please respect the majority....

    • I'm an american and lived through 911.Your argument is weak about racism, its all about religious ideology. Its time for the muslum community to start policing themselves. One young muslum to another.. what do want to be when you blow up?

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      • First, my uncle, a firefighter, died on 9/ll so don't even mention that s**t again. I don't condone that or any act of terrorism because it is against what God wants and we are not all like that just like you would believe now that now all black people are criminals or lazy. You're an idiot and racist for telling me to blow myself up. That would be a dumb thing to do because I like being alive, taking care of my family, and making money and I thank Allah for that. You wouldnt understand anything about Islam anyway because Jews control the US anyway.

    • i never realised i was a racist but now i realise that i think americans are stupid that definately includes you.

    • if they were so racist you wouldnt be in this country. Been a foreign myself i think the british are extremly tollerant people. too much political correctness in this country

    • we cannot help it if we where created as `the master race`,lol you tit.fuck off back to where you think you come from and leave us and who wants to live here. from a gay scot born in australia from irish stock,o yes and ex junkie. i`v been around world this IS the greatest country on or ever been on earth

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