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  • vailsy vailsy Jul 23, 2005 00:46 Flag


    i work alongside people with opinions not too dissimilar from the ones you stated. but you get those opinions the world over

    my wife and i are a mixed race couple, and when i visit her country? i sometimes (often!) encounter the same kind of nationalistic/racist hostility

    i think there is a big danger that these bombings are turned into or confused with a race issue. if that does happen, i believe the media and the government will have alot to answer for.

    as i've said.. hearing about a 99% white armed police division shooting an asian 5 times at close range doesnt make me feel a great deal better. our law enforcement services are meant to lead by example. what kind of message does that give out?

    on an individual level i think we should avoid getting caught up in the race debate, and start focusing on the important issues here. its all about maintaining focus, otherwise these things have a tendency of spiralling out of control