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    Dear Civil Liberties Groups

    My civil liberties are being affected by terrorists in the UK. This is further being compounded by those people in the UK who support their actions.
    I dont fancy selling up and leaving the UK as it is my home.
    What do you suggest ?

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    • no no dikiev,no go live here,you gud men why you mast lieve why you gud you give me silvar madal.veri gud men

    • The sort of problems that we seem to have developed among the liberal minority is that whenever diffiuclt decisions have to be taken that support the safety and security of the majority the liberal minorrity cries out about civil rights. With any sort of rights come onerous responsibilities. I support civil rights, but am a great supporter of civil responsibilities. It is not good enough to pretend that nothing should change when the facts are unambiguous that circumstances are not as they were.

      Civil liberties groups need to address the reality of the new situation. It is an irresponsibly liberal approach to life that has brought our eductauion system down to a perilously low level wher chi9ldrenn seem toi have more authority than their teachers, that has destroyed any respect for age, knowledge and property wherein when culprits are challenged the law is in favour of the perpetrator rather than the victim, and the smae imsguided liberal attitudes have indirectly destroyed respect for truth and honesty where even politicians distort the facts as if telling lies is perfecttly OK.......

    • Well you hold the opinion of two thirds of the Uk public who believe in more security and even a reduction in their rights if it would help fight terrorism. Many are against id cards but what is wrong with them. We are all on Gov't files if we have a passport, driving licence etc and it isn't the first time that British citizens have had them. Most of the EU has em.
      If it means arming the police permenantly then that is ok. The police are armed where I live and there are probably only one or two incidents where they use their weapons a year.
      Special courts, the barring of habeus corpus etc..... well the anti terrorism powers of hte police are already wide ranging. Basically if you haven't done anything wrong then you have nothing to fear.

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      • 'Special courts, the barring of habeus corpus...' The Habeas Corpus act was created in 1679 to prevent people from being unlawfully detained, to prevent long periods of detention and also to give people the belongings that had been confiscated from them. As well, it forces bailable crimes to be given bail, as the oft-practiced option was to not grant the legal right to bail at all. It also guarantees the return of property to the wrongfully convicted.

        This country has the greatest legal system in the world. Fair trials and 'innocent until proven guilty'.
        Anyway, this country dosen't have to look too far back to a very 'dark' period in (its)history; the special courts and state powers used against the nationalist movement and members of the P.I.R.A. (and I'm not labelling the PIRA terrorists) These measures just don't work. If we give up our great tradition of British justice and sell our legal system down the river, then we've become as bad as the countries and fanatics we're trying to make a stand against.
        Terrorists thrive on the fact that they cause disruption to law and order; this is their greatest show of power play.
        We have to define the term 'terrorist'. If we give an elected government such as ours the powers to detain anyone, then it's the abuse of these powers used by the state that will deem anyone and indeed everyone a 'terrorist' at some time. Look and learn. Do we really want to end up like the US...

      • Firstly just because they have something (id cards for example) in another country doesn't make it right or desireable here. Second , we have had id cards in the past when there was a war on. But there were no computers etc with database files and cross referencing etc. Third If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about is BS. Coppers make mistakes as do everyone else at times. Fourth. People who imput data into databases make mistakes. Fith Facial recognition technology DOES NOT WORK, and the error might be against you fools one day.

      • I for one dont mind the id card thing. As you say I am on the government files already with the docs you said and national insurance number and the tax man.
        Maybe some people are worried about those two entities !