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  • Mav Mav Nov 17, 2005 23:29 Flag

    ALL religion out of the UK

    I have now seen that religion itself is the enemy of man. The christains are just as fanatical as the muslims in following their bogus fantasy cult. Not as dangerous granted, but just as deluded.

    I had not bothered about them before, but enough religiious zealots have spouted their superstious claptrap about god and jesus to have raised my ire now.

    Religion fullstop is an opium that addicts and deludes its adictee. They will do anything to justify the addiction and will ignore anything that goes against contiuing the addiction.

    Islam is still the danger however. Islam is dangerous and cannot live alongside any other belief system at all...even the atheism that I follow. The christians/catholics/jehovahs/mormons will only ever be a brainwashed nuicance to the enlightened people not following stupid outdated god cults. We can ignore them..in fact every culture needs some villiage idiots to laugh at, they can be ours...harmless fools.

    Eventually though religion in the uk will doe out completely. It almost has now..in the last 200 years god belief has dwindled down to a tiny minority of the population, thansk to science and the more enlightened information age we now live in.

    Other superstitions have now been almsot eradicated...Astrology is now a comical entertainment, with only joke figures like Russel Grant having any public awareness at all in that superstition. We no longer burn witches, black cats can cross our paths without most people bothering, and almost no one throws salt over their shoulder after a spillage any more.

    Another hundred years and all the churches will be like the 'barn conversions' of today...different dwellings for ordinary people.

    Islam however is still 500 years in the past in its ways. That we cannot wait for...its dangerous and incompatible wit the UK. I am re devoting my efforts to that goal again. After this post I have been sidetracked too much by the loony christian god bothering brigade.

    "Once more unto the breach"...........

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