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  • veryconcerned_person veryconcerned_person Nov 21, 2005 20:33 Flag

    ALL religion out of the UK

    Maverik7 - the 2nd law of ThermoD is 'a system will progress into greater randomness, greater chaos with time unless (external) energy is put into the system' - slightly different definition to your own.
    If one believes that planet earth was produced out of the 'big bang' and then 4500 million years on, we live on this same planet which has separate continents and oceans with wide varieties of animal and plant life, then applying the 2nd law of thermoD, the world would now be a more random, disordered place since you do not believe in any Extermal Influence.
    The chemical reaction of ammonia, methane and water vapour under particular circumstances has been shown to produce simple amino acids. However, these would normally disintegrate as soon as they are formed and, furthermore, the presence of a quantity of a simple amino acid is FAR short of being the simplest life which is chemically highly complex.
    Even if the simplest life form was produced, then the theory of evolution relies on genetic mutation to enable a more complex life form to evolve. Thermodynamics dictates that more energy needs to be put into a system to enable such biochemistry to arise. In addition to this, biological mutation that does take place today ALWAYS produces a less progressive form which tends to die prematurely (ie a snake with two heads).
    From a geological perspective, we live in a highly ordered world with exploitable gold deposits, oil fields, limestone that can quarried etc which does not indicate the chaos of 4500 million years of decay.
    If on the other hand, one believes (as I do) in a younger earth in which a Creator God has had continual influence, especially during its infancy, then the external energy required by the 2nd law of thermoD to create a more orderly, more advanced planet earth is provided for.