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  • Mav Mav Nov 18, 2005 17:16 Flag

    Aussie Terror attack foiled

    Seems that no one has mentioned the Australian Muslims who were planning to attack a nuclear reactor. Imagine if they had succeeded. It would not be so lightly taken then. 50 deaths as happened in London would pale into insignificance next to the carnage of a breached reactor.

    This is the sort of thing we are dealing with. Terror attacks with no limit. The more death and damage than can be caused the better. Its this sort of thing, that the apathy in the UK to the Muslim threat will eventually bring here. Why has this near attack not caused more concern?

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    • That is true, the terrorists don't seem to care about the impact or long term effect of the targets.

      has anyone seen the documentary released by the Italian journalist last week. The Americans have admitted the allegations against them about using white phosphorus (WP) on civilians in Iraq, in the Independant newspaper yesterday. Check it out!!!

      This is going to piss those terrorists even more. I suppose these kind of documentaries should be kept away from them. But then it is equal to hiding the truth from the world.

      This will fuel

    • Yes and its not as if we dont have lots of reactors in this country.
      Any one of them spilling out radioactive fallout would be devastating in such a small cramped country like ours.
      It must be the most effective targets they could pick, were they able to.
      I thought so myself that there was not much notice taken of the Aussie near miss.
      Makes you feel safe in your bed at night, does'nt it? "Not".

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      • The thing is...we should be as outraged by the near miss as if they had succeeded. back slaping about foiling the attempt and then fogetting about it seems to be the order of the day.

        Maybe if we had acted on Churchills advice in 1933 and de armed the then re arming germany under their new chancellor Hitler history might read differently. We would not today be rueing a near global war as looking back at what a tyrant warmonger Churchill was. I am sure he would be painted today in that alternate history as a monster imperialst.

        I am, I confess really confused about how quickly this item of news has een skimmed over and dropped, when the potential if the plan had worked would have been so hideous.