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  • berrys0pine berrys0pine Nov 22, 2005 11:37 Flag

    Has Any Good Come from FRANCE?

    let's see.....there is martinandrewhall, jacques chirac, muslim firebomb "parties"... OH! The question was "Has any GOOD come from France?" The answer is NO. Rifle dropping ba$tards.

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    • quote ' (ooowww eeee oooo??thats supposted to a ghostly sound)'

      Frightened the sh*t out of me !!

    • Those bad frenchman. Now these Frenchmen are they French Arab men?? ... is France that ran over by Islam (ooowww eeee oooo??thats supposted to a ghostly sound)

    • Phillip, my goodness ... what an aweful thing for that Frenchman to say to say ...Bad Frenchman! If what he says is true - thats worse?

    • Philip - personally I refuse to use it. The last time I went to Paris, I took a train from London to Dover, a boat on to Calais and a train to Paris. I have a political objection to an umbelical cord linking the UK to Europe and I remain unconvinced that those 'few hundred feet' of rock between the Englsh Channel and the tunnel is sufficient to withstand the pressures and weight to maintain safe operation.

    • Oooh la la, I almost forgot the can-can and the French Foreign Legion. Ex-legionairres are given a telephone number they can ring from anywhere in the world for rescue by the legion. How cool is that? Vive la difference!

    • These are my personal french favourites: Champagne, Courvoisier brandy, Brie, pate, french wines too numerous to list individually, Asterix, croissants, Christopher Lambert (yes, I know he was born in Long Island US but his parents are french), Alain Delon (Il est un tres jolie homme!)Violet Szabo - beautiful, brave and had violet rimmed eyes, Odette Sansom and all the unnamed french resistance/secret service who enabled some of ours to return home safely, Brigette Bardot, Citroen cars, citroen presse, Chanel parfum, and last but not least french knickers. I have no problem with France/the french, and I love the language enough to have learnt un petit peu.

    • http://uk.news.yahoo.com/25112005/80/frenchman-saved-weeks-adrift-wants-croissant.html

      Under the same circumstances, wonder what would an Englishman want hmmmmm?

    • Tom Jones, he's older but as sexy as heck - I'd do him! .... Katherine Zeta-Jones - she, is stunning! ....

    • France is still the west? .... and they (as UK) are threatened by Islam .... (whether it's from their (no different than UK's) stupidity re immigration etc. The concern to the world right now is Islam, not France. Whether any good has come from France well I can say is - One doesn't have to like them (fine culture/beauty is an acquired taste - beyond the scope of many)- but they are not our enemy? Are they?

      In the big scheme of things - If I understand this thread correctly, there is no use for France - they might as well be wiped out then? I'd like an answer to that please?

      The following is an excerpt from the link listed at the end. Cheers!

      "And then there are the lyrics of the rap songs. Very troubling lyrics. A real call to revolt. There's one called Dr. R., I think, who sings: `I piss on France, I piss on De Gaulle' and so on. These are very violent declarations of hatred for France. All of this hatred and violence is now coming out in the riots. To see them as a response to French racism is to be blind to a broader hatred: the hatred for the West, which is deemed guilty of all crimes. France is being exposed to this now."

      In other words, as you see it, the riots aren't directed at France, but at the entire West?

      "No, they are directed against France as a former colonial power, against France as a European country. Against France, with its Christian or Judeo-Christian tradition."

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      • la_clarkson, Yes, the question is ridiculous (What Good has come from France?) And I posted it in response to the French di*k (martinandrewhall) who posted the "other" question of "What Good has come from America?" But I think even martinandrewhall will see that if we use the scale of morals, bravery and truth, America will far outweigh France.

      • Do not get me wrong la_clarkson..France is a tiny tiny fish in the whole scheme of all things despicable. The small wheezy boy who tags along with the school bully licking his arse in hope he does not get thumped himself.

        Islam is the BIG threat...its just a bit of light relief, to poke fun at the afflicted sometimes ( The French) . The whole French attitude towards the war on terror and their siding with the Msulim states and Kofi annans of the world has bown up in their faces with the riots. With the likes of ma551ve and dvsr being so quiet of late, the French are getting some stick for their attitudes throughout history. They do not need wiping out...just stuck in the corner with a dunces cap on.

    • My money's on the very good chance he's been booted for all his filthy venomous racist spoutings on the threads.
      He must have caused a lot of people to complain to Yahoo.
      If so, its a shame, he was always good for a wind-up.
      Ma55ive - if yer out there son - please come back.
      Getting withdrawl symptoms here.lol.

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