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  • Suzanne Suzanne Dec 14, 2005 15:45 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    What is the Government scared of? Why will they not agree to the public inquiry which the victim's and their families are asking for? Is it because making public any findings may threaten our national security (!) or perhaps it is because we might turn up shortfalls in the security measures that were in place in the UK to protect us against attacks?

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    • Bluesaffronjade...shows how much you DO NOT read. Philliponthenet has not called for muslims to be killed, just deported from the shores of the uk. He has on occaison used sarcastic hostility towards muslim posters after they have THREATENED him but he has never seriously advocated extermination of muslims either humanely or otherwise unless in self defence of this Isle.

      there are none so blind as those that refuse to see.

    • philliponthenet, people often say Muslims are paranoid. You are beginning to sound more and more like a mad mullah with every post. I wish you well. I'm off to work now. Sleep tight and don't let the fanatics ignite!

    • maverik7, I think you'll find philliponthenet and his wish for humane killings of Muslims not very far from facism.

    • philliponthenet, I think you'll find there are very few Islamic countries, the rest are countries with a majority of Muslims.There is a difference. The suspected terrorists in a number of Western counties can not be deported at the moment because either they will be tortured by their countries, (which I'm sure most people won't lose sleep over) or their countries of origin refuse to take them back. This leaves humane killings. Would you seriously contemplate killing, however humanely, a fellow British subject (of Anglo-Saxon heritage remember) whose only crime was that he/she was a Muslim? If your answer is yes, and you're not being glib, then how are you different to those who you oppose so much? Is Western democracy and 'Great' Britain just a thin veneer?

    • Bluesaffronjade.. Nazi ideaolgy alive and well eh? Well...you must have access to a whole raft of posts that no one here can see then.

      The nazi's sought world domination by conquest and the elimination of all non arryan peoples. all existing governmental formats to be replaced with facist model.

      Not a single post on the entire of this board advocates anything like this goal. I guess its the old old story of if you cannot win an argument , try to demonise and belittle any disenters. Making an ellusion to nazism is the always the eventual realm of the losing fantasist. Such a resort has even been the result of a scientific study. Its shame you had to play this defeatist card. maybe you should try some of the childrens debating boards, you are obviously out of your league here.

    • phoenix0658, you say 'most of the like-minded people on these boards would be content with eradicating the threat of Islam on these shores'. Well how? What would you do with an Anglo-Saxon British Muslim? Where would you deport him/her to? What if the countries you have in mind refuse to take him/her? The American government are trying to eradicate the 'threat' from their(?) and other shores at present. Not really going to plan is it?

    • bluesaffronjade, I think you'll find most of the like-minded people on these boards would be content with eradicating the threat from Islam on these shores. I'm afraid the nazi jibe is completely ineffectual as are accusations of racism.

    • maverik7, I've only just read your message, you know how it is, going to work, paying my taxes, and a life sort of get in the way. However, the Japanese , the Nazis, the Carthiginians etc may not have regrouped but Muslims are not one group of people geographically. Even if you destroyed every single copy of the koran there are millions of people who know it off by heart.How would you know who to target? Anyway, I think this forum has certainly shown that the idealogy of the Nazis is certainly alive and kicking.

    • jhn_smy - I disagree that most people agree with grahoom, I personally agree with summergirl_2000 and judging by other posts I think you'll find the majority on these boards also agree with her.

    • Is it racist to have a go at certain very predjudiced racist people who don't happen to be white ?

      No one has been attacked for the colour of skin on here, if you hadnt got quite so worked up about this you might have actually realised that 1, some of the anti islamic people in these forums have actually read the quran, and that is why they feel the way they do. and 2 have actually lived in Islamic countries and seen the way muslims do things.

      Can a Christian practice his or her religion in Muslim countries without fear, and know that the government of the country will support him / her and fund the building of a church for them? NO. But what do they expect christians to do for them in Christian countries.

      Not all muslims are hypocritical, racist scumbags, but the religion of Islam IS institutionally violent, oppresive, and fearful of other cultures.

      Enough people have died / have been mutilated and ill treated by Shiriah law; for this matter to deserve our total condemnation. Does that make me a racist ? no.

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