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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 14, 2005 16:09 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    I can only think of 2 things;

    1 - The police have done a bang up job and figured out pretty much what went on, how and by who.

    2 - The Govt. are worried that the men weren't foreigners, they were British and the race debate is hot at the moment, especially with Birmingham, Paris and now Sydney fresh in our minds.

    All Labour have ever told us that having waves and waves of immigrants and thier familes over the past 70 years has brought nothing but positives to this country. They were wrong and the right are rising!

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    • Yes/Well said male from Yorkshire/ I am sick of this stupid goverment pandering to ethnic groups/The London bombings just prove how anti-English/UK most Asians and Muslims are/A public enquiry would clearly show them up for what they are which is a very dangerous sect trying to infiltrate Bristish Society. And don't forget folks they were jumping up and down in the streets of Bradford after
      9/11 shouting death to America-I say enough is enough-Adapt or go home!! Yorkshire and England forever

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      • Well done roggewb for a completely pathetic view.
        Yuo say "The London bombings just prove how anti-English/UK most Asians and Muslims are". What evidence do you have of this apart from pure summising? I am an Asian, but not a muslim, and am not anti English. In fact was born here, so am an Englishman myself. I know a huge amount of Asian's, none of who are anti-English. Howmany do you know??

      • Rogwebb1-exactly!i live close to Bradford and i remember the celebrations that erupted on sept 11th,as well as the rioting that was fueled by the ideological idiots trying to rule Bradford,we fought back then and we always will,i just wish the govenment would take a leaf from our book and follow suit!

      • I think that your message was very ignorant. Ofcourse there should be a public enquiry - as the public have a right to know how such groups could have co-ordinated and carried out their attacks despite all the intelligence around. You also fail to appreciate that irresponsible foreign policy only adds to the pain and suffering in the world. This pain will only draw more angry and psychologically disturbed people to causes fueled by revenge and retribution. Why not try thinking before speaking - for a change?
        I'm a muslim, I am British, and I do not hate British culture or Americans. I value people irregardless of race or religion. I think you are missing the point - the vast majority of ethnic minorities contribute to the development of the British economy, and much of the investment in the British economy comes from abroad. These investors are linked to Britian partly by the minorites living here - i.e. there is a bond. The UK has no strong industrial infrastructure, commpetitive edge, or an abundance of natural resources. Therefore it relies on foreign investment and the fincial services sector to survive.

      • Correct. I was going to write something similar now there is no need. Well said!

        Won't go down well with the PC brigade but most of them are the biggest cause of racial tensions in the UK.

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