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  • Hoplophobe Hunter Hoplophobe Hunter Dec 14, 2005 21:35 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    My problem with Islam is there is no solid body which oversees the entire religion and you can't get one clear message from their establishment, unlike for example Christianity where the Pope or specifically to us the Church of England can speak on behalf on its followers. If i were to go out tomorrow and kill a load of people in the name of Christianity i would be completely denounced by the church and there would be a clear message from SENIOR officials that my actions had nothing to do with my religion. However when there are terror attacks perpetraited by Muslims you're lucky if the cleric from the local mosque bothers to make a statement. And even worse when 9/11 occurred on one hand there was a half-hearted message from the MCB and on the other there were crowds of people out celebrating in the streets of Birmingham and Bradford. Is it any wonder people have a dim view of these people??