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  • berrys0pine berrys0pine Dec 14, 2005 20:12 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    If you think there should be a public inquiry into the 7/7 bombings, why not have a public inquiry into why five plus five is ten?

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    • What is the point, we know who did it and why they did it, these people are fanatical and no amount of security will stop this kind of event happening. When security is stepped up then all the do gooders start moaning about human rights.

    • Get real with your responses.
      Of course there should be a public enquiry - what are you trying to hide I wonder?
      Surely not supprt the now discredited UK and US governments?! Does anyone really believe anything they say now (and be honest please!....)

    • I think people do not accept things because they do not understand them. May it be Islam or any other religion or person.

      I can anyone speak against something they have no knowledge of, I bet if I asked half the people on here about Islam (as this is the issue being focused on) they would not have a clue about the basics.

      Secondly what is terrorism? Islam - Suicide bombers who take lives? Blair who has taken more lives? Bush who has taken even more lives? IRA who bombed London and Manchester? Israel and Palastine? I cannot see much difference in all these and in my eyes all these are acts of terrorism, but I will leave that for you to decide as this is my view.

      The biggest problem in human nature is they cannot accept something they cannot clearly understand (A general statement).

      The issue of this focus group was a public enquiry. I believe we should have a public enquiry and deal with our problems and have a right to know the truth. My question would be how much truth would come out of a public enquiry?

      Racism is racism, whether this be towards a person or a religion, although this might not be stated in a dictionary, if they knew what they know now then, religion would have been in the dictionary under racism.

      What I cannot understand is we critise each other as indivduals and cannot live in peace, how can we control powerful Governements who go to war and kill millions. Whether this be against Islam or any other religion.

      It is quite simple these wars are not about peace and national security, they are about money and power, and is it a simple a that. How do you justify spending billions on weapons and let them expire to buy new ones and spend billions again, oh guess what lets go to war that way we can get rid of these weapons.

      Thousands of reasons exist why this happens, then when these Governments kill millions of INNOCENT people, Children, Women, Old Men and some one who expreiences this loses in its head and blows himself up in the name of religion he is a terrorist, who has made him that way in the first place.

      I put this down to a lack of understanding be people, they see what happens infront of them and not behind the scenes.

      Then the Governments can also use conspiracy to control people, whether this be 9/11 or 7/7 as suggested my many.

      I will leave you as intelligent humans to work this out for yourselves.

    • I suppose you like totalitarianism doncha?
      Well, over here, we prefer democracy mate, when we can get it.

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      • There should ALWAYS be a public enquiry about this kind of stuff just to make our government practice what they preach about 'transparency'. So what if it turns out no new information? At least then we have two lots of proof, which can verify each other. However, if the public enquiry turned up with some new information that the government tried to cover up then we could consider ourselves as sneaky, totalitarian and corrupt as the Americans. I can't see why no one wants to now the truth, but would rather be force-fed it by a man who told us that 9/11 was an unprovoked act. Wake up Britain, democracy's dying...

    • Why not first see the outcome of the governments provided alternative?

      If you feel a very expensive public enquiry is always necessary - don't bitch about high taxes. They have to be paid for and are very - and I stress very - expensive.

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