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  • Jim Jim Dec 14, 2005 21:10 Flag

    Should there be a public inquiry into the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London?

    I suppose you like totalitarianism doncha?
    Well, over here, we prefer democracy mate, when we can get it.

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    • There should ALWAYS be a public enquiry about this kind of stuff just to make our government practice what they preach about 'transparency'. So what if it turns out no new information? At least then we have two lots of proof, which can verify each other. However, if the public enquiry turned up with some new information that the government tried to cover up then we could consider ourselves as sneaky, totalitarian and corrupt as the Americans. I can't see why no one wants to now the truth, but would rather be force-fed it by a man who told us that 9/11 was an unprovoked act. Wake up Britain, democracy's dying...

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      • I couldn't agree more with you Paul! Democracy is a word that is slowly dying. Well it is obvious that Blair is covering something that he never wants to let out the bag. Maybe he knows that there is a lot of unrest in this country at present especially with Islam and maybe he is frightened it may set off a chain of riots? Or maybe MI5/MI6 will be exposed for something crooked, who knows? But I guess if it was my loved one blown up by these brainwashed fanatics then yes I would want an inquiry because I would have many questions to ask. THIS IS SO CORRUPT it is untrue.

      • I would welcome whole heartedly a public inquiry into 7/7. However, if anything was thrown up that would be in contrast to what the goverment has been telling us, it would be very easily brushed under the carpet, made to dissappear. This Labour Goverment will NEVER ever admit it was wrong or could have done better to protect its citizens. The Stench that surrounds the shooting of Jean Chalres DeMendes only goes to prove this to be the case. My only hope is that David Cameron will take this oppotunity to attack the Goverment on this issue, however, I dont think he will. Democracy dying this country? Nah!!! I think its already dead.